Create an ambitious brand architecture system

The challenge

In 2014, German Bayer acquired Yunnan’s Dihon Pharmaceuticals with the ambition to enrich its portfolio of OTC brands, and to create Bayer’s first ever TCM brand. The decision was made to regroup different brands and products, covering different needs, under one same Yunnan’s TCM mega-brand, Dihon. How to communicate the uniqueness of Yunnan & TCM value proposition and trade-up the premiumness of the mega brand ?



Our brand idea

An efficient packaging system was created with a powerful brand lock-up devise, inspired by the nature and unique Yunnan ethnic style, combined with contemporary segmentation colors, traditional fonts, golden hot stamping printing effects, allowing to create brand consistency, portfolio navigation, and shelf impact.



The result

The brand has been successfully launched in targeted online channels (like DaYiMa) before being rolling out. In terms of consumer perceptions, the new packaging has allowed the Brand to significantly improve its professional and premium image.

Packaging Design Innovation
Create an ambitious brand architecture system
Create an ambitious brand architecture system