Lead the wipes category online

The Challenge

Huggies has launched one of the very first dry wipes in China to shake a very competitive market. Safer than wet wipes and tissues, more convenient than clothes and tissues, this innovation is exclusively sold online. How to trigger the interest and communicate the product superiority online?


Our Brand Idea

Which mother has never feared to see her baby dropping its teat, or putting his hands into his mouth? A specific visual has been selected to dramatize this consumer insight on the packaging and ensure maximum emotional impact on the e-shelf. The packaging is also enhancing the selling proposition with a large '100% pure cotton' indication and warm earthy colors.


The Result

Huggies dry diapers has become one of the best-selling products on Huggies e-commerce platform, and the one with most positive comment generators.

Packaging Design Digital
Lead the wipes category online
Lead the wipes category online