Enhance premiumness and segmentation

The challenge

In a very competitive market, how to increase the value perception, while helping the consumer to identify and navigate within the segmentation ?


Our brand idea

Functional benefits are not all. Therefore, we have brought back emotional cues and the heart-shaped logo into the packaging design, while clarifying the segmentation codes. One color for one segment. One baby in motion for one size. Two versions of teddy bears with a relevant action for one type of diaper. To dramatize the benefit of softness and lightness, we have selected skin-color shades for the main segmentation, developed specific functional icons and very structured back panel, and created a unique promotional key visual.


The result

This packaging redevelopment has allowed to increase the unit price slightly and protect the sales volume.

Packaging Design Activation
Enhance premiumness and segmentation
Enhance premiumness and segmentation