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blackandgold is an independent consulting agency that specialises in consumer branding, digital and innovation.
Based in Paris, Shanghai, New York, Dubai and Geneva, we have been working for nearly 29 years to develop brands that are leaders in their own markets.






Our focus is historically and deeply consumer-oriented.
Because from the very beginning, we have specialised in B2C marketing, and have gained an unrivaled understanding of the FMCG world.
Because we see every day that having the consumer choose a product or a brand is the most challenging and exciting moment of truth for any creative idea. Because brand equity becomes embedded in consumers’ minds, and demands an in-depth knowledge of their aspirations and behaviors.


Our primary role is to be present, with skill and vision, at each interface between a brand and its end consumer, to help brands achieve optimal consumer experiences:

  • Product Experiences
    Product innovation, identity, structural design, packaging design, usage design, etc.

  • Point of Sales Experiences
    On-trade and off-trade activation, shopper marketing, retail, etc.

  • Digital Experiences
    Digital utility, brand sites, commercial sites, social media, etc.


Our strength is our understanding of end consumer behaviors and motivations, which inspires and illuminates all of our activities, whether related to sound brand strategy, creation or innovation.
That’s why we've created a blackbox team dedicated to consumer knowledge, involving a complete range of approaches, from trendwatching via qualitative studies to ethnographic exploration.



Daniel is a pioneer of French consumer branding, where he started over 35 years ago. It was working alongside Michel Besnier, who led the expansion of the Lactalis group, that Daniel honed his skills as Artistic Director, presiding over the creation and then the management of the company's brand identities. A born entrepreneur, he founded the blackandgold agency in 1990, developed and took it international, while keeping it independent and on a human scale.


Highly intuitive, Daniel is moved by every form of creation, from architecture to sculpture, via interior design. But it is the light and the colours of the Mediterranean that thrill him most.



Nancy has been working in design and marketing for over 10 years. Graduating from Shanghai International Studies University with two diplomas, Nancy’s working experience in French branding and retail design agencies, Malherbe and Open D, develops her solid understanding of different phases of consumer experience, from market and consumer insight to brand visual identity, packaging design, merchandising, store visual identity, omnichannel consumer experience and so on. She cooperates with clients including Yili, Bayer, P&G, Sephora, Suning, etc.


Nancy’s solution-oriented working method and proactive attitude enable her to establish good relationships with her team and clients, also contributes to the development of the agency.


Consulting Director - Shanghai

Camille has more than 15 years' experience in consumer branding, with clients as diverse as Orangina, Dim, Mondelez, Heineken and Haribo. Having started out at Carré Noir, she then worked at Landor Paris for seven years, in particular handling the international management of the Gold Coast and Milka brands, and of the Lego and Lu accounts. She joined blackandgold in 2007, and now manages one of the two sales teams.


With her boundless optimism and energy, Camille is expert at resolving the most complex questions. Summer or winter, she always stands out, sporting vibrant colours that reflect her contagious good mood.


Partner - Marketing

Before joining blackandgold as Creative Director, Yang was working in several international branding agencies, such as BrandUnion, MetaDesign and Holmes&Marchant. He has unique views of brand strategy and creative exploring. He has helped many well-known domestic and international clients to covert business proposals to brand strategy and creativity. Eventually, the brand experience can boost the ultimate aim of business valueinreturn. Yang’s experience in Canada widens his international understanding, so that he can caterto different demands of both domestic and international clients.


Yang was under the tutorial of WANG Min, the Dean of School of Design at CAFA. He won many awards including the Golden Prize in UPM Raflatac 2007 Packaging Design Awards.


Yang LI
Creative Director - Shanghai

Over the last 25 years, Ruta has criss-crossed Europe. After starting with Peter Schmidt in Hamburg, she worked with Dragon Rouge then Landor Paris, before taking the creative lead for Designboard in Brussels. Back in France, she contributed to the Hinsdale relaunch before joining blackandgold. This multicultural career path has built up a strong expertise in international brands, from Milka to Coca-Cola.


Rational and inspired, Ruta bases her approach to creative excellence on an imperative of strong content. As a dance and modern art enthusiast, she likes to dive into the effervescence of Berlin every year to recharge her batteries.


Partner - Creative

Yannick has over 25 years' experience in consumer branding and creative direction, with very particular expertise in patrimonial brands. Part of the founding team of blackandgold in 1991, he notably manages long-standing clients such as the Lactalis and Panzani Lustucru groups.


Yannick is a passionate man who enjoys a challenge, and likes nothing more than tackling the complex subjects of brand or range architecture. He is also a sports coach for a group of creatives, and he knows how to motivate them as far as the Parisian semi-marathon 'battle runs'.


Partner - Creative

Elodie has over 20 years' experience in consumer branding and sales management, 15 of them with blackandgold. She heads up one of the agency's two divisions with verve and passion, driving the entire portfolio. In particular, she manages long-standing key accounts, such as Lactalis, Panzani Lustucru or Eckes Granini.


Elodie really cares about the well-being of her clients and her colleagues, which shows through her courtesy and thoughtful gestures. She never forgets to bring sweets and treats back from her many trips, to the delight of the agency's foodies!


Partner - Marketing

Eric has over 12 years' experience in digital communication and marketing. With a business management degree from the Ecole Supérieure de Gestion in Paris, he worked for the Publicis and Dentsu Aegis Media groups before creating his own agency. His career has led him to work for many major accounts across multiple sectors, including e-commerce (,,,, consumer mass market (Mondelez, L'Oreal), luxury (Jaeger-LeCoultre, Cartier, Lancome, Hermès), automotive (Citroen, Peugeot) and media (M6, Mondadori, Paramount).

Today he manages the agency's Digital division, to which he brings his expertise in the creation of digital multi-screen ecosystems. He focusses on conversion marketing (ROI), user experience (UX), design (Responsive design), development (Sites and Apps) and search engine optimization (SEO - ASO).


An avid football fan, Eric's conviction is that nothing will be achieved without a united team heading toward the same goal, and that each victory should be celebrated before the next match.


Partner - Digital

Cecilia has 15 years' experience in brand strategy, industry trends and innovation with a broad range of clients, such as Heineken, Renault and McDonald's. Today she is the agency's strategy and development leader, and runs the blackbox bureau, which is dedicated to research and innovation projects. A graduate of the Sorbonne CELSA School of Journalism in Paris, since 2008 she has been teaching there, in a subject that means constantly renewing and questioning herself.

A foodie, both clients and the agency benefit from her passion, as she shares with us the best eating spots she discovers.


Cécilia TASSIN
Partner - Strategy and Development
blackbox Manager

Maryline started her career with Black and Gold 15 years ago. She then started an international path by joining Dragon Rouge in Bangkok and later Singapore. For 9 years, she managed a portfolio of global, regional and local brands, helping them to develop on the South east asian market. Some of her clients included Unilever, Mondelez, Kellogg’s and Nestlé.


She settled in Lausanne end of 2016 and couldn’t resist blackandgold offer to develop the Swiss market.


Globtrotter in her personal and professional life, Maryline is always motivated by new adventures and challenges.


Maryline RICARD
Business Director - Geneva